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SAP Cross Applications Course Details

Course Name SAP Cross Applications
Course Description SAP ABAP Cross Applications Online course, Learn SAP ABAP Cross applications, RFC`s, BAPI`s, ALE IDOC`s online
Course Area Advanced ABAP
Prerequisites SAP Core ABAP Concepts
Lessons Available 10

SAP Cross Applications Course Content

1. SAP Cross Applications Introduction
SAP Cross Applications

Introduction to SAP Cross Applications and components of SAP Cross Applications

30 Min
2. RFC Development

Developing remote enabled function modules, RFC destinations, calling RFC function modules in SAP

90 Min
3. BAPI`s in SAP

Business Application Programming Interface(BAPI), Business Object(BO) in SAP, Business Object Repository in SAP

90 Min
4. ALE-IDOCS Development

Data transfer using ALE-IDOCS, developing and working with ALE-IDOCS in SAP

90 Min
5. IDOC Real-time

IDOC Real-time techniques and useful programs, T-Codes

60 Min