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Internal Context Mapping in Web Dynpro ABAP

Internal context mapping details, component controller, window controller and view controller mapping hierarchy

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A web dynpro component can have multiple view controllers(views as every view is associated with it's own controller), can have multiple Window Controllers (Windows as every window has it's own controller) and a single component controller, see types of controllers in Web Dynpro ABAP for details.

Component Controller: When ever you create a web dynpro component, by default component controller will be created, component controller is global to all views and windows, the data(methods,attributes,context etc) crated in component controller can be accessed in all view and windows.

Window Controller: When ever you create a window, associate controller will be created, window controller can be accessed in all view controllers inside that window.

Internal Context Mapping: Mapping the context of different controllers with in the same web dynpro component, example mapping component controller context to view context, window to view context etc.

Internal context mapping can only happen from top to bottom, means component controller context can be mapped to window context and view context but window and view context can not be mapped to component controller, below is the hierarchy of controllers.

1. COMPONENT CONTROLLER Can be mapped to window and view
2. WINDOW CONTROLLER Can be mapped to view
3. VIEW CONTROLLER Can not be mapped to any controller

Internal Context Mapping

In the next lesson we will be learning how to use component controller

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