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Lesson Name

Enhancements in SAP

Lesson Description

Enhancements in SAP, using SAP enhancements to enhance standard SAP objects using ABAP programming

Lesson Category enhancements
Time to Learn 90 Min

Enhancements in SAP Lesson Content

Introduction to SAP enhancements

Introduction to enhancements in SAP, enhancing standard SAP applications using SAP enhancements

User Exits in SAP

What are user Exits in SAP ? User Exits in SAP, enhancing SAP standard applications using user exits

Customer Exits in SAP

What are customer exits in SAP ? Customer Exits in SAP, using customer exits to enhance standard SAP applications

User exit real time business example SAP

Userexits in SAP real-time applications, implementing userexit in SAP ABAP

Difference between user exit and customer exit in SAP

What are the differences between user exit and customer exit in SAP ? user exit v/s customer exit